XQuartz 2.1.4

Released: 2008-02-15


Download XQuartz-2.1.4.pkg, and open it in macOS’s Installer.

Important Notices

OS Requirements

macOS 10.5 or later is required to install this package.

Default X11 Server

If this is your first time installing XQuartz, you may wish to logout and log back in to update your DISPLAY environment variable.

Changes in 2.1.4

  • All changes in 2.1.3 plus:
  • app:
    • fontconfig 2.5.0
      • fixes a bunch of compatability issues (including Trolltech QT4)
    • xinput 1.3.0
      • app was missing
    • xterm 232
      • fixes tek with wide chars
    • xinit git 2008.02.09
      • fixes fontpath to avoid “big fonts” issue commonly seen in xemacs
      • fix xinitrc to properly process .Xresources if dev tools are not installed
      • update FC cache on X11 start
    • Xvfb, Xnest, Xephyr, Xfake
    • quartz-wm
      • Updated to use org.x.X11 instead of com.apple.x11 for defaults
  • fonts:
    • made font caching more “automatic”
  • server:
    • xorg-server-1.3.0-apple10
      • Fixed Window menu to conform to OSX UI Guidelines
      • Fixed command-~ to reverse cycle through windows
      • Added option to preferences for quartz-wm click-through
      • Fixed UI layout problems when resizing Applications->Customize window
      • Updated render and fb code from 1.4 branch
        • We are now using pixman for our fbBlah function calls, and this code has been heavily refactored in the integration with pixman, so this should clear up many of those crashes
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