XQuartz 2.1.2

Released: 2008-01-12


Download XQuartz-2.1.2.pkg, and open it in OSX’s Installer.

Important Notices

OS X Requirements

OS X 10.5 or later is required to install this package.

Default X11 Server

If this is your first time installing XQuartz, you may wish to logout and log back in. This will update your DISPLAY environment variable to point to XQuartz.app rather than X11.app. If you would prefer to keep using X11.app as your default server (you can still launch XQuartz.app manually), you’ll want to disable /Library/LaunchAgents/org.macosforge.xquartz.startx.plist using launchctl(1).

Changes in 2.1.2

  • All changes in 2.1.1 plus:
  • app:
    • xinit git 2008.01.10
      • Updated xinit to support launchd
      • Now using xinit to start the server rather than running X11.app directly
        • X11.app is relocatable now
      • Fixed fast-user-switching X11 regression
      • Properly honor xauth and tcp/ip preferences
    • xauth git 2008.01.11
      • fixed duplicate entry crash during xauth remove
  • lib:
  • proto:
  • server:
    • xorg-server-1.3.0-apple7
      • XQuartz comes to the foreground later in the startup process to not cause ‘XQuartz -version’ to flash a dock icon
      • Fixed -depth command line argument to work properly (still no 8-bit support)
      • added ‘startx_script’ defaults option which defaults to /usr/X11/bin/startx.
      • This is used when launchd support is disabled and the user uses X11.app to start the server (such as with Tiger).
      • added localization from Leopard’s shipped X11.
      • added ‘login_shell’ key to org.x.X11 plist which defaults to /bin/sh and is used for launching from the Applications menu. tcsh users will probably want to change this to /bin/tcsh.
        • There was a bug in the implementation of this last feature, so if you are interested in this, please install the Xquartz-1.3.0-apple8 binary after this package or wait for our next release.
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